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Slot tips
Playing slots online is getting ever more popular and with good reason.

Ever since the first online slot was launched in the mid 1990’s, players have been discussing ways to beat the slots. But is there truly a way of doing so?

No! Simple as, there is no legal way of tricking an online slot to pay out every time you play it. The slot is run by a random number generator that ensures that the result of every single spin is random.

There are thousands of slot tips online and they all promise the same thing. They will teach you how to trick the slot machine. Most of the ideas are complete rubbish and not worth your time. Others MAY work, but they will all be illegal. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s the truth.

However, we have some good legal tips for you that can help you win when you’re playing the best slots online.

1: Play for free
No, you won’t win any money playing slots for free, but there is a reason you should consider this. Playing for slots for free will let you get to know the slot before you spend your own money.

2: Set a budget and stick to it
When playing at an online casino, you should always give yourself a budget before you start. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing poker, roulette or slots. A budget will ensure that your bankroll lasts longer and that you don’t get into a situation where you are constantly chasing the next win.

3: Get the most out of your bonus
Ever wonder how casinos online can offer thousands and thousands in bonuses? Or how it’s viable to give all new players 200 free spins? The reason is simple, most players blow through the bonus without ever offering the bonus requirements a thought.

Almost all bonuses come with requirements. It’s basically the casino’s way of saying “OK, we’ll give you some free spis and a nice chunk of change, but you have to give us the opportunity to win it back”.

First of all, you need to read the bonus requirements. It’s fine if the casino wants you to play through the bonus up to 35 times, but it’s not fine when they give you just 3 days to do so. Or when they give you free spins that you are only available between midnight and 06.00 am.

If you’re just looking for some entertainment and don’t really care about winning, just say yes to all the bonuses you can find. But if you want to win, check the requirements and you will find that it might be better accepting a lower bonus with much better wagering requirements.

As the bonus will have a playthrough requirement, you should find yourself a slot with a high RTP, preferably over 97%. It might not be fun, but it will increase your chances of meeting the nal to what you wager on a single spin. If your slot machine strategy is to place small bets, don’t change it just because of this. Just don’t expect to win the max payout of the slot.

4: Make sure you have the bankroll to play progressive slots
Progressive slots like Mega Moolah, Hall Of Gods, Major Millions and Divine Fortune can change your life in one single spin, but powers like that don’t come cheap. For you to be able to win a progressive jackpot, you have to spin the reels with max wager and that can become very expensive, really quickly.

So just make sure your budget can cover it and don’t forget that there are plenty of slots offering higher RTP, lower volatility and massive wins of more than 10,000 x wager. It’s not the million dollar jackpot, but you’re not going to turn down a 20,000 x return on your investment neither.

5: Sounds too good to be true? Stay away!
Unfortunately, there are quite a few less serious casinos online. It simply can’t be stopped. There is a lot of money in the online gambling world and as in any other industry, money attracts bad elements.

Make sure they have legit license from the likes of Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commision or check if we have reviewed the casino. If we have, you’re safe!

6. Big bets – Big wins
Slot machine payouts have always been proportio

7: Check payout stats
As slots are random number games, there’s really not that much you can do to change the outcome of the spin, but one thing that could help you when playing progressive slots, is to check the payout statistics. This will tell you when the jackpot was last won and how long it normally takes between each time the jackpot drops.

8. Know when to stop
The house always wins. We have all heard the saying, but have you ever thought about why the house always wins? It’s quite simple. It’s because too many players don’t know when to stop!

That’s exactly what the house (casino) is hoping for. That you will get sucked into the game and start thinking you’re on a winning streak. Yes, there is such a thing as a winning streak, but it only works when other players are losing. And remember, all winning streaks will come to an end!

Knowing when to stop is the key! requirements so that you can withdraw money you have won using bonus money.