Diamond Casino Heist – Tips, Tricks and Glitches – 1.51

In this video I cover some helpful tips, tricks and glitches around the Diamond Casino Heist that will make you more efficient!
Link to Itz Slimmest EXE’s video:
Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:17 Double Daily Vault Glitch
1:01 Easiest Escape Path
1:44 Helicopter Spawn Point
2:36 Change Vault Contents Glitch
3:35 3 Speedy Tactics
3:44 #1 Lost Camp Route
4:12 #2 Keycard Animation Skip
4:53 #3 Skip Hacking Animations
5:52 Drill Skip
6:15 Daily Cash Vault Wall Breach
6:52 Outro
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