HowTo Win Approx 47% ROI @ Bet365 Easily W/out Soccer Knowledge – NoPenalty In The Match Special Bet

hello there, in this video, we are going to show you how you can win money with bet 3 6 5 easily without any knowledge on soccer matches. Basically, the bets will be on soccer top league matches. We will need to login on our account on bet 3 6 5 and find the top league matches available to bet on. For example, on the day making this video, the 24th June 2020, 22 Top league matches are available to bet on. Select the 1st available match, here, it is manchester united versus Sheff United. Next we will need to go to special bets available for the match. You will find the specials bets right on top of the menu. After clicking on specials, we will need to scroll down, to find the bet “a penalty in the match”, that our bet to play. We will go for no penalty in the match.

Next, we will need to go back to select the 2nd available top league match. we will make a double bet by playing the 2nd available top league match. Here, it is Newcastle versus Aston villa. Again, we will go to specials bets, and find the bet “a penalty in the match”. 76% of top league matches go without a penalty in the match. We will again go for no penalty in the 2nd match. Having made that selection, a double bet will be available to bet on. So this bet, has a 76% of winning. Also, not all top Ieague matches will have this special bet of “a penalty in the match”. I will not go through the bet as I have already played it.

To identify which match may have this special bet of “a penalty in the match”, we will need to look at the number of bet available for each of the top league matches, For example, a match of over 125 available bets to bet on will probably have it compared to that with a match with under 125 available bets to play on. The number of bets available for a match is listed right at the end of the match before selecting it.

Next, we will make double bets of the next available matches available from top league matches. As discussed earlier, some may not have the special bet, “a penalty in the match”. However, we make double matches bets with whatever matches available that can be played.

I have already bet on 10 matches, that make me 5 double matches. The 1st bet is atalanta with lazio on Roma with sampdoria. 2nd is Real sociedad with celta vigo on intermilan with sassuolo. 3rd bet is liverpool with crystal palace on cd alaves with osasuna. 4th bet is norwich with everton on wolverhampton with bournemouth. last is manchester united with sheff united on newcastle with astonvilla. All bet was place, on, no to a penalty in the match.

We will now see the result on 25th June 2020.

The results are,
atalanta verses lazio on Roma verses sampdoria no penalty in matches, won
Real sociedad verses celta vigo on intermilan verses sassuolo, lose
liverpool verses crystal palace on cd alaves verses osasuna, won
norwich verses everton on wolverhampton verses bournemouth, won
manchester united verses sheff united on newcastle verses astonvilla, won

Based on these results, there is 80% bets won and no penalty in selected top league matches.
in all we have bet 1$ to get total of 1.47$, a return on investment of 0.47$

That’s all for this video , see you in a next video for more.