Problem Gambling (Gambling Addiction) – 8 Tips + 1 Bonus Tip on how to avoid and prevent it

Problem gambling is the biggest danger when it comes to any kind of betting. If you are not careful you can slip into a gambling addiction. However I believe if you follow these 8 tips, you will protect yourself from slipping into problem gambling.

1. 0:43 – Drop the fantasy
2. 2:32 – Use a model and never bet outside of what it says
3. 3:11 – Do not chase losses or get cocky after wins
4. 4:40 – Do not risk more than 20% of your bankroll in a single day
5. 6:39 – Do not unit size shame or let unit size shaming get to you
6. 8:31 – Only bet on sports you know
7. 9:04 – Be reasonable with your “for fun” bets
8. 9:49 – Know when to walk away