Top 10 NFL Betting Tips and How to Make Profitable Football Bets

Want to be profitable when betting on the NFL? In this episode of How to Bet on Sports with Teddy Covers and Minty Bets, Teddy shares some of his personal NFL Betting Tips:

– Itโ€™s not about how good teams are. Itโ€™s about how good teams are relative to their market value.

– Bet ON good teams and bet against bad ones.

– Know the stats that matter.

– Markets will react to spots: letdowns, lookaheads, sandwiches, step-ups, and step-downs.

– You canโ€™t get on the public sides every week, especially for the big TV games.

– Know the math.

– Positive long term subsets matter.

– Value ebbs and flows.

– Line shop and money management.

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