🎰 How to Trick a Slot Machine – Secrets to How the Professionals Do It 🎰

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Hey in the video I want to talk about how to trick a slot machine to tip the odds in your favor, so you can win.

I’m not sure this is true, but I read a while ago that there are only 2 games you can win money at if you sit there and play all day long if you have the skill. That was blackjack and poker. The rest of the games you will go broke eventually because the odds are against you.

With slot machines you know the odds are against you and I have a neighbor who keeps losing money at the machines.

Since the machine is rigged against you have you ever had the fantasy to get back at that machine and rigging the system to win? I need to tell my neighbor these ideas. So he can get revenge. Now look, I’m joking obviously if you tamper with a slot machine it is a crime if caught.

This is like a cat and mouse game, where everytime someone figures out a way to cheat the system, the owners and operates put up defenses.

The oldest way to cheat the system was to attach a small string to a quarter and when you inserted the quarter you would pull it back out. Thus you can risk nothing and have potential to hit a jackpot.

Then came the money paw, where you stick a rod up the payout shoot that would manipulate it to paying more.

So developers of slot machines switched out that for an optical piece then of course cheaters adapted and created the light wand.

How the scam works is you go to small bar when nobody is around and sometimes a pretty girl would distract the bartender and a guy would ram the rod up and keep getting the winnings.

Just hope there are no cameras right? Then comes the computer. How do you trick that thing. One guy decided you can drill a hole and then just spray freon into the computer till it gets all jacked up like me drinking and starts spitting out money.

The problem is it’s hard to be covert and secretive when tampering with a slot machine.

The smartest way goes to a group of Russians who were known to hit casinos and win lots of money. The interesting this is that they kept looking at their phones, and would hit the same make and model of slot machine.

Plus they were betting strange. They would bet the least then all of a sudden would max bet and win. They really lucky.

Turns out the machines were not on wifi or bluetooth, so they couldn’t be hacked and what did the Russians do to ensure they won?

Someone figured out how to predict what the machine was going to do.
You see computers are not good at creating random stuff. So to do this they created a seed number which is very large. Then they would assign a math formula to the seed number which would not make it unpredictable, but seem more random.

What the Russians did is use an app where when the symbols appeared on the machine they copied it to an app. They send that code to different servers that went to Russia. The people in Russia had their very own slot machine that was the same make and model.

They opened the slot machine up and watched it spit out numbers. Reverse Engineered it and figured out the pattern.

Now if you want to use a phone too much and you are making lots of money, well the feds know about this hack, so if you are caught then you will get in lots of trouble.

If you think about it then machines were not hacked and it was a smart strategy to beat the machine at it’s own game.

It wasn’t hacked it was watched. Almost like a playing a football team and watching tons of film. In the end it’s better to watch the stock market like Buffet and play that game than watch slot machines and play the machine.

I hoped you enjoyed this video on how to trick a slot machine.