Blackjack Strategy: How to Win at Blackjack, the Perfect System

How to Win at Blackjack? Here’s the professional gambler’s Blackjack Strategy + one of my dailies session: Play in the Suggested & Unbiased Casino here:
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00:00 Blackjack strategy: introduction
01:09 How to win at Online Blackjack vs Physical Casino
01:57 Pay attention to Online biased Casinos
02:59 Basic rules and examples
04:36 Blackjack Perfect Strategy and explanation
06:09 Additional blackjack tips
07:12 How to win at Blackjack live session
10:59 Speeding up the gameplay session
11:47 Final tips for advanced blackjack players
15:26 Final greetings

As you have seen, this blackjack scheme isn’t a simple (and not working) card counting strategy for blackjack and is nothing related to how to count cards or counting cards but… this blackjack system will give a a very useful strategy to win even in the long term in Blackjack.

You will discover how to beat Blackjack in a legit way: the only problem are physical casinos, where most of the times, you will not able to bring with you the printed scheme that you can free download in our website at the link: updating…
This is a sort of blackjack basic strategy because all the other blackjack basic strategies are not very effective compared to the professional one: that’s why some people call the systems using blackjack tables “perfect systems” since you will have more winning chances in digital casinos.
Basically, using a money recovery strategy, this strategy could be called the blackjack perfect strategy. Some people should ask how to consistently win at blackjack and the reply is inside this video: the trick is use a mathematic scheme associated to a money recovery blackjack strategy.

So here’s how to win at blackjack consistently. Our strategy is simply based on the mathematical chances we have of winning or bursting given our two cards and the only one we know of the dealer. Is it wiser to stay, or hit? It depends on each case: you simply have to check the blackjack scheme that I use regularly and that I even used in this video.
Remember that a good advantage that we have compared to the dealer’s one is that he must hit if he’s card’s sum is less than 17. Have you ever wondered why? Well, he did it for a statistical matter. If he has 16, 5 out of 13 types of cards will allow he to have a higher number without bursting, but 9 out of 13 will make he burst. Mathematically, it is more likely that by doing another “card hit” he will burst, so it is wiser to stay.
This is the basic rule with 17, but depending on each number of the cards you have, and in relation to each number of the dealer card, in our scheme you can see what is the mathematically wiser choice between staying, asking for another card or, eventually, double up. In this way, you will have more mathematical chances of winning each hand. Finally, to make it even more successful and safe, I made a personal change: every time you lose an hand (because of course sometimes it will happen) double the bet on your next blackjack hand, and keep doubling until you win and then return to the basic bet. In this way you will recover all bets and… you only win, zero losses.
Also remember that it is gambling and as such has its risks, remember to visit and if you this that you should need some help ask for help to a professional, eventually a psychologist, it will definitely help you.

So here’s how to win online blackjack using the blackjack perfect strategy. Let me know in the comments how it goes to you and any feedback about the blackjack system and earnings. See you soon in the next video!
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