How to Play Let It Ride | Gambling Tips

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There are all kinds of ways to play poker. In this video, a gambling expert explain how to play let it ride poker. It’s up to you to work on your poker face.

Hey guys. I just wanted to go into how to play Let it Ride. Basically it’s a game that’s played against the house and it’s popular in many casinos. You’ll see here we have three stacks and basically these represent individual bets. The player will get three cards face down, but I will put them face up just so everybody knows what’s going on here. One card gets burned here. As you can see the player here has a pair of Aces already. So the player’s a winner no matter what, which is good for him. Normally you would have the option, if you didn’t have the Ace, if you wanted to pull one of these bets back then this would come back this way.

Since he already has a pair of Aces, he’s going to let it ride. Then the dealer shows another card, which doesn’t really matter for him because he’s got a pair of Aces and he’s going to win either way. So he decides he’s going to let it ride, another card comes up. These are community cards here, which is going to help make his five card hand. Right now his five card hand is the Aces with the 10 and then the 9 and the 2. Since he did get 10s or better each bet gets paid even money for the one pair. Then play continues if he likes to.

Then you have the payouts, they range anywhere from even money for one pair of 10s or better. If you get two pair it pays 2 to 1 and these odds go all the way up. If you do manage to get a Royal Flush and let it ride each bet gets paid 1,000 to 1.