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I’ve seem plenty slot machines in my neighborhood and I can almost guarantee, they are illegal. Here why, because there place in a dark corner in the convenience store or Deli as we call them in New York. So I’ve decided to do some research on how these machines work and if they are worth the risk. Spoiler (no)

Key Questions Answered

Story about the Guy with Sports Cars and made 500,000 in profits in 6 months. Installed 70-100 machines. Only got 2 years

Guy bought a audi r8 for $202,000 in cash without reporting taxes. Sold Narcotics to a officer and got arrested

faced up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine

Story about uncle when I mwas a kid
1. Start up Cost:
Legal States youll have to get a license to operate
Buying a slot machine: $399-$1000 dollars to purchase it
– Buy from a direct dealer to get warranty on the machines
– -shipping is maybe $200 bucks so try and pick up
Slot machines are not legal unless they out cash
If you bought vending machines auctions: you could get 4 for $500
Takes 3-5 weeks to make the money of the Cost back
Entertaining purposes only, saying you wont pay money but you really do

2. Expenses:
Prison Time and Mental Burden
If your get passes that, then the only expense is maintaince and Commision.
Commission: 65-35 because the convinince store owner is taking all the risk
People Wiining:

3. Profits
Foot Traffic: If 200 people come by everyday and 4% of does people play the machine = (people)8
50-75 daily Spending: $600 profits

If he Made 500,000k in 6 months lets do the math (profits) = 500,000/180(6month in a days)= $2,777.77

If you devide it by 100 machines = $27 per machine
If you Divide that by 70 machines = $39.67 per machine

4. Prison time and risk, think about all the lives that would be ruined. I know its not your responsibility but providing access to does people is even worst.

Try them both and see which works for shopify or selz





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