NFL Preseason Betting Tips w/ Adam Levitan – Sports Gambling Podcast – Preseason DFS Tips 2021

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) are explaining how to make money betting on the NFL preseason with their NFL preseason betting tips. The guys breakdown the best preseason betting trends when it comes to taking teams against the spread. Then they’re joined by the co-founder of Establish The Run Adam Levitan (@AdamLevitan) to talk NFL preseason DFS strategy. Adam Levitan DFS talk plus preseason DFS tips and of course NFL preseason betting predictions. Plus tons of preseason DFS tips 2021 edition.

00:00 – Prerolls
1:00 – Intro/Welcome
2:50 – Coach Jason Garrett News
6:37 – Deshaun Watson News
12:33 – NFL Preseason Betting Tips #1 – Take the under on totals
13:59 – NFL Preseason Betting Tips #2 – Take the underdog points
14:43 – NFL Preseason Betting Tips #3 – Bet on Jim Harbaugh and Mike Zimmer in preseason
16:27 – NFL Preseason Betting Tips #4 – Ride veteran QBs that are deep in depth chart
18:00 – NFL Preseason Prediction – Some coaches will try really hard to win games
22:20 – Co-founder of Establish the Run Adam Levitan
23:07 – How NFL coaches will approach playing time
25:03 – How to sift through optimistic and pessimistic beat reporters’ opinions
26:34 – How to factor players coming from ACL recovery
29:43 – Adam’s Thoughts on Saquon Barkley
32:10 – Adam’s Strategy for Winning Millionaire Maker
34:44 – Adam’s Strategy for DFS Showdown Slate
36:30 – Adam’s Thoughts on Donald Parham
38:27 – Adam’s Memory of Preseason Sweat Bets

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